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Wrigley doulbemint corrected task 1
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The studies and research accomplishment of van Wulfen (2016) the innovations and innovative strategies adopted within the market place tends to increase competitions within organisations sharing the similar industry market. The innovative features adhered to the product, introduces the product to a novel world where the product has increased demand for its novel functions and features within the emerging markets
Marketing design and innovation task1
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According to Bessant and Tidd (2015), application of new marketing strategies consisting of key modifications in the product packaging and design, placement of product, pricing and promotion, etc is called marketing innovation. The situation at which organizations achieve more sales and revenue over its competitors by producing goods and services in cost-effective manner and sell it at reasonable price according to customer preferences is called strategic competitive advantage
Research methods for business and management 1
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Human resource management considers training and development as a process concerned with company’s functions aimed at enhancing the job performance of employees in company settings. The advantageous of training have been well-documented; it enhances employee productivity, job performance and the most of all it is best observed as an incentive to increase employee retention (Fletcher and Robinson, 2015)
Marketing design and innovation
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In the observation of Ouden (2011), marketing innovation plays a crucial role in aiding organizations to achieve competitive advantage and implementation of innovated marketing strategies highly helps in improving the services and products offered to the customers. Marketing innovations are mainly adopted by firms for overcoming the strong competition and for enhancing the market profit and growth through attracting and retaining loyal customer base
Human trafficking and forced labor ukrainian human trafficking situation
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Human rights are a fundamental right that facilitates the human race to cater for their needs. For instance, the right to work enables humans to providefood, cater for health, education and shelter (Ball & Hampton 7)
Brittany 4 overview
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In this article, Brittany argues that recruitment and retention younger employees are significant to addressing a possible retirement rate across the federal workforce in future.  I agree with the Bush’s argument that it is also good to target retired workers since they will provide experience and skills in the work they do
Roles and functions of law
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Mankind has gone through numerous processes of civilization. In the quest for modernity, application of rules and regulations has been of immense importance in boosting relations between man and fellow persons
The knowledge based economy
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The government of New Zealand can adopt some policies to facilitate collaborations between universities, research institutes and businesses so as to transition the economy into a diversified, knowledge-based economy. These policies will be based on regulation, allocation, and distribution
The implementation of law
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The separation of powers is an essential doctrine in the running of the executive, legislature, and the judiciary of the US government. The three arms of government must comply with the separation of powers to ensure unity and harmony in the dispensation of their duties
Us patriot act with a focus on how the law has effected our schools
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By 26th October 2001, the United StatesCongress had enacted the Patriot Act and President George W. Bush had appended his signature to the Act a law