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Why are great italian renaissance architects more famous than their great gothic predecessors how and why the role and image of the architect changed during the italian renaissance?
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The Fame of Italian Architects, their Roles and Images during Italian Renaissance The aim of this paper is to understand the factors which made Italian Renaissance architect to be more famous than their great gothic predecessors. There was a pattern of transition that has been noted by a number of researchers and historians in terms of change in the image and role of architect during Italian Renaissance
Conversion and adaptation of buildings in brentwood
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Conversion and Adaptation of buildings in Brentwood History of the building The town centre of Brentwood is currently a mature settlement that is fully built up with little open spaces. The backlands, as a result of the continued construction practices have almost been fully occupied too
Architecture in the baroque period
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The Baroque period represented a change in art styles that had origins in theology and liturgy. It was represented by music, paintings, architecture and other art forms across the continent and in South America