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Horticultural plant or invasive species
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Introduction    Japanese Barberry (Berberis thunbergii) is a compact, spiny deciduous shrub that is native to Japan, which is now found in many other regions of the world (Japanese Barberry).  Japanese Barberry (Berberis thunbergii) is considered among the invasive species that is the most difficult to contain
The oyster creek nuclear power plant (lacey township) problems
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The Oyster Creek nuclear power plant located in Lacey Township New Jersey is a complex problem whose ultimate solution can itself become another problem. The Oyster Creek reactor was built in 1969 and is the oldest operating nuclear power source operating in the United States
Environmental ethics
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The article revolves around animal rights and equality. It brings out the relationships that exist between humans and animals
Urban blight and shanty town
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Urban Blight and Shanty town   In the advent of industrialization, the concept of urbanization has been popular in most of the developed nations. Amidst the development there exists there exists shanty town and the urban blight
Why smoking should be banned from public places
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To give a choice to the non-smokers to not to inhale the smoke This argument is based on two premises; a) one is of a personal choice and the other is that b) second hand smoking or passive smoking is equally or rather more harmful than smoking directly. Counter Argument 1 Why the above argument may not be valid a) There is always a choice that the non-smokers can move out or request the smokers to move away
Food and water: a crisis of uncertainty
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Public opinion polls in the United States over the years consistently have noted a high level of concern over implementing air pollution controls to guarantee healthy air.  The Clean Air Act of 1963 was an early Congressional response to the public demand for a federal assistance to solve a policy issue that originally was considered to be a state and local problem
Comparison between ngos and gos
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Conservation of the environment has been the top one priority in many organizations that have taken upon the mandate of ensuring that the environment is conducive for both living and non-living things. Generally,three types of organizations are involved in ensuring environmental safety, and they include governmental organizations that have the authority to prosecute violations of environmental regulations that are committed within their jurisdictions
Self-awareness and effective communication
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I find the three articles very interesting and informative. The Self-Awareness and Effective Communication and Communicate at your best articles encouraged self-reflection and by so doing enable one to improve their communication skills
Environmental quality
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Although in years past, the Twin Cities have had problems with the quality of air pollution and environmental pollution, many things have been done since then to help vacate themselves of the problem. In fact, the Twin Cities have done so well that Minneapolis is recognized as the only metropolitan city that follows the Kyoto Protocol