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Malware and exploit protection
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Malware and Exploit Protection In today's modern world of information technology, malware and malware protection is becoming a large part of computer security. To analyse this problem various Internet and academic articles have been studied in order to grasp the main concepts of malware and its impacts on information technology as well as current security protection available in today's market
An overview of social networking
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An Overview of Social Networking Social networking - more specifically Facebook - has changed the way mostpeople - who are connected to the internet - communicate. It has enablednew avenues of personal connection, collaboration and information sharing thatwas only conceived a few years ago and because of the raw nature of theinternet, it has exploded in population; with some sites having more membersthan countries have citizens (Pingdom)
Differences between mipv4 and mipv6
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Differences between MIPV4 and MIPV6 With the fast growth in the numbers of the mobile and handheld devices that are connected to the internet, the current IPv4 protocol is not able to cover all theses growth number of IP addresses. This is why the Internet Protocol IPv6 has been developed
The process of computer security
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The Process of Computer Security Computer security is the process of preventing and detecting unauthorized use of our computer. Prevention measures help us to stop unauthorized users from accessing any part of your computer system
The development of an operating system
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The Development of an Operating System An Operating System is a software program that runs on a computer and enables the computer hardware to communicate and operate with the computer software. An Operating System is the first thing that is loaded onto a computer without which a computer would be useless
Authentication protocol security measures
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Authentication Protocol Security Measures Abstract: The security measure in today's networking world has been reached to a peak state where for every new networking update or invention the threat to it is also coming into picture at the same time which challenges the computing world to develop highly secure mechanisms. In earlier days this was not the case or the threats were occurred rarely
Estimation of foot kinematics
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Estimation of Foot Kinematics Estimating human foot kinematics relative to earth as reference frame, plays an exclusively role in development of Inertial Navigation Systems. A novel filtering algorithm that estimates foot kinematics, such as position, velocity, and orientation is proposed
Microprocessors overview evolution and future
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Microprocessors Overview Evolution and Future A microprocessor includes almost all of the functions of a computer's central processing unit (CPU) on a single integrated circuit (IC).The basic steps include The key element of all computers, providing the mathematical and decision making ability Current state-of-the-art uPs (Pentium, Athlon, SPARC, PowerPC) contain complex circuits consisting of tens of millions of transistors They operate at ultra-fast speeds - doing over a billion operations very second Made up from a semiconductor, Silicon A microprocessor, sometimes called a logic chip, is a computer processor on a microchip
The handover between wifi and wimax
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The Handover Between Wifi And Wimax 3.1 Introduction: Mobility is one of the most important features of a wireless communication system
Performance simulation of wimax in hd video streaming
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Performance simulation of WiMAX in HD video streaming INTRODUCTION: In last couple of years, wireless communications has grown from an obscure, unknown service to a ubiquitous technology that serves almost half of the people in Earth. As the technological development is leaping into the next generation, demand for high speed internet services is growing exponentially