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A public relation plan of blackberry
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A PUBLIC RELATION PLAN OF BLACKBERRY Introduction (Situation Analysis) Things aren't looking fine for the BlackBerry mobile these days. It's been losing market share in past quarters, both to the different devices anchored on market-leading Android platform and iPhone (Narasimha, 2012)
Micropayments: challenges and trends
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Micropayments: Challenges and Trends  Abstract The evolution of ecommerce and the emergence of the virtual shopping have necessitated the virtual payment for the access to the contents available online. Not only this but many news papers and websites are now charging for the content that is hosted on their sites
E-commerce business model
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E-Commerce Business Model Executive Summary Without a doubt, at the present information technology plays a significant role in all the areas of life. It has not only modernized the way we live in this world but also improved the way business organizations carry out their tasks
Online consumer behaviors
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Online Consumer Behaviors Introduction Addictive, compulsive, and impulsive buying are types of uncontrolled consumer behavior that have drew interest in actual shopping settings. Personally, uncontrolled buying can lead to serious life problems and consumer impoverishments
E-commerce- data privacy & security
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E-Commerce- Data Privacy & Security Abstract As ‘Electronic commerce’ develops the business practices of the business around the world in terms of profitability, success, and gaining competitive advantages, there are many negative aspects that are linked with it. However there are different domains that may portray a negative impact of using e-commerce based services
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E-Commerce Introduction Since the explosion of the Internet and businesses rush to embrace them, one of its primary uses has been for marketing. The Internet will become an important distribution channel for the majority of successful organizations
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E-bookshops Task 1 Book or printed material is still essential and applied in all fields so that they can give many advantages such as knowledge, entertainment and so on. Although it is difficult to find a book before, it is very easily and quickly today as online system
Critical analysis of the impact of e-banking on the customers of the banking sector in the united kingdom and their future behavior
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Critical analysis of the impact of e-banking on the customers of the banking sector in the united kingdom and their future behavior Abstract This research paper will compare and contrast the characteristics of the traditional banking and e-banking. Additionally, research will identify the similarities and differences between the virtual and the real-world banking industry customers
Computerized stock control system
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COMPUTERIZED Stock Control System Introduction The Enterprise Networking assignment is based on the computerized stock control system. This assignment is about how to implement a new online book company called “Amazing Books”