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The components of transformational leadership are necessary and sufficient to facilitate team success
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In the business world, leadership can shape execution and effectiveness of organisational strategies especially in a scenario of turbulent changes, claimsClegg, Kornberg and Pitsis (2015). Therefore, effective leadership serves as a competitive advantage and helps in achieving higher performance levels
To critically analyse the effect of empowerment on employee satisfaction at amazon, uk
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A major concern for the organisation in the challenging market environment is to increase the loyal customer volume. In the view of Huq (2010) the employees of the organisation have the ability to influence the customer loyalty
Are community development workers responding to the realities of mental health in newham council
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The influence of mental health in day to day life of an individual is equally important as the air to breath. Mental health is the reason for our relationships and functions in life which why it is relevant to maintain at its core value
Strategic analysis
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Strategic analysis is the mechanism of assessing environment of organization where it operates for devising appropriate business strategy (Thompson and Martin, 2010).  As defined by Morden (2012) strategic analysis is the process of investigating the environment in which organization interacts and this is done with an aim to enhance the efficiency and capability of organization to intelligently deploy and redeploy its resources
Support for mental health in youth justice in england and wales
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One of the main challenges in the current youth justice policy of UK is related to the lack of efficacy in mental health support. As per the report of Centre for Mental Health (2016), children with mental health issues were more likely to end up in juvenile custody than children with no mental health issues
A study on the influence of organizational culture on innovation management
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According the research of Phong, Pham, and Nhan (2014), Organisational culture can be defined as the combination of goals, norms, myths, beliefs, and values. It is a combination that is accepted in the organisation
Management and operations
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Even though the manager of Ilford-on-Sea Limited is highly educated person with vast experience in customer services, sales and marketing, lack of understanding about self-role and position in organization may affect the his  level of performance as well the approach towards employees. As opined by Sutcliffe (2013) managing the projects specifically under small organizations involves huge complexities and thus the role of manager is eminent to lead the team with knowledge and confidence, delegate tasks,  coordinate, motivate and encourage employees etc
Evaluating csr in an organization
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In the highly completive retail industry, most of the firms give higher importance for implementing CSR initiatives with an intention to achieve social, economic and environmental sustainability and thereby to improve brand image. Being a leading retail company, H&M implement various sustainability strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emission, water and energy wastage, product recycling, offering healthy working environment, etc and which assist the firm to achieve sustainability to a great extent
A critical analysis on the impact of corporate social responsibility (csr) on organizational profitability
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In recent years, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has developed exponentially and are considered as investments; not as expenses or costs, where it reveals the link between the businesses and stakeholders like customers, employees, investors and community as a whole (Malik and Kanwal, 2016). Previous works revealed ambiguous findings of the link between CSR and profitability, and there exists few evidence supporting that CSR and corporate profitability are directly associated
Google case study
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Google Case study Assignment 1: Chaos management style is one of the most important forms of managing an organisational structure of large size. From the twenty-first century this chaos has become an important concept in the management circles