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Adaptive e-learning
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E-learning methods have gained significant importance modern educational setting due to its convenience and user-friendliness. E-learning has also attracted significant attention from academicians and practitioners and has subsequently improved in terms of efficiency and effectiveness (Clark and Mayer, 2016)
Area of specialisation: law
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1.1 Review the impact of personal, social and cultural factors on learning The major concern of any educational concern would always be to have effective learning
Wider professional practice and development in education and training
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The improvisations in the educational practices and policies are a result of international, transnational, local and regional contexts with regard to outbursts in globalization. The educational transfer enables the scholars in attaining agreeable and contradictory conclusions based on the analysis of a larger population
Education pendulum
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Enlightenment in the society takes different shapes with a primary aim of impacting knowledge and wisdom in learners. Education is achieved through various means
Development and career
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The three categories in which the frameworks of the learning theory falls are behaviorism, cognitivism and constructivism from which behaviorism focuses mainly on the objectivity of learning while the cognitive theories look beyond the behavior of an individual, however, the contructivism sees learning as a practice in which the learner constructs new ideas and concepts. (Huselid, 1995)
Compare a middle school science curriculum in a state of your choice to new york city
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Curriculum is a defined set of courses, objectives and steps to meet goals that are designed by educational institutions to meet the perceived current and future needs of students. In the USA, each State develops its own set of criteria for curriculum, and individual school districts adapt the over-riding criteria to best meet the needs of its students
The role of academic qualifications in becoming a good teacher
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Education is one of the essential requirements for everybody to become useful citizens of a country and the teacher is the person who helps or guide students in achieving the knowledge required for this purpose.   A good education always offers something new for everyone, irrespective of simple or complicated
The challenges of managing behaviour effectively
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Managing student behaviour in a classroom is a major issue for high school teachers in the UK. Effective classroom management skills are vital issues in the teaching and learning environment
Human resources administration in education and schools
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Induction is a systematic organizational effort to minimize problems facing new staff so that they can contribute fully to the school work while realizing personal and position satisfaction. A school system can recruit and select staff
Global entrepreneurship
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Management Education Management education has seen rapid growth and development since the last century all over the world. The US business education has been thoroughly dominated by the MBA and is widespread at all levels