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Marketing principles
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For every organization, marketing is driving factor for generating adequate sales and revenue. As per the observation of Bradley (2010) marketing is the process that mainly deals with different activities that are introduced by organizations through promoting their services and products as per the requirements and needs of the customers
Marketing intelligence
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Since the past twenty years, M&S faces challenge for improving its organizational performance. Turnover of shoppers and customers and existence of discount retailers were the main reason for the high competition and challenge faced by the company
A marketing consulation report to vodafone
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Vodafone UK, part of the Vodafone Group is the third largest telecom operator in United Kingdom. UK is a developed economy which is almost a matured and saturated market characterised by demanding customers, availability of ample choices and high bargaining power for the consumers and is the largest user of telecommunications products in Europe
Marketing consultancy- netflix
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Netflix dominates the entertainment industry and to retain the competitive status, company keeps evolving in accordance with the marketing trends. However recent reports show customers aversion from Netflix to its rivals like Amazon Prime due to the ineffectiveness of the content marketing which is detailed out in the sections
Marketing consultancy: monsoon accessorize
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Monsoon Accessorize was founded in the year 1973 by Peter Simon and is headquartered in West London, United Kingdom. The company is involved into providing wide range of children’ and women’s clothing, fragrance, footwear, Monsoon Bridal, Monsoon Fusion and Monsoon Homes (Monsoon Accessorize, 2015)
Marketing consultancy-pepsico
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In this report, a comprehensive Marketing plan is formulated for Pepsico. Though Pepsico has substantiated its growth by adopting efficient strategies like product differentiation and cost optimisation, recent reports shows decline of the company in terms of performance
Marketing consultancy-amazon
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Amazon is an electronic commerce and cloud computing company established in the year 1994 by Jeff Bezos. The company has it’s headquarter in Seattle, Washington
Marketing consultancy- westpac bank
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One of the renowned banks in Australia is Westpac which was earlier called as New South Wales. It was founded in the year 1817 (Westpac Annual Report, 2015)
Marketing design and innovation ;task 1&2
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The strategic plans of current competitive firms to blend latest technological innovations and marketing efficiency constitutes marketing innovations. According to Bhalla (2010), implementing innovative approaches and amending the prevailing product specifications, pricing strategies, promotional techniques, packaging,etc
Strategic management assignment assignment 2-portfolio
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As per the theories of Anna (2015),Strategic management can be defined as theframing of goals and objectives of theorganisation and execution of the activities by effectively utilising the organisational available resources. By making strategies or plans in advance for future projections management tries to integrate the group goals of the company while directing the efforts of the human resource working in an organisation to create a competitiveadvantage over its business rivals