Privacy Policy

1.    Introduction

  1. Our responsibility is to preserve our website visitors’ privacy; under this policy we will exemplify the management of your personal details.
  2. [You will be asked to agree to our cookies usage in unison with the terms of this policy on visiting our website for the first time. / The agreement of the policy by using our website, makes you agree to the cookies we use as per the terms of this policy.]

2. Collecting personal information

  1. Personal details that can be collected, stored and used by iStudyHub are as following:
    • [The basic information of your computer and the visits and use of our website (this will include your IP address, geographical location, browser type and version, operating system, the source which was referred, visit duration, page views and the paths of website navigation.)]
    • [the details provided by you while registering with our website (your email ID included)]
    • [your personal information such as name, display pictures, sex, date of birth, relationship status, hobbies and interests, academic qualifications and job details; can be obtained while you complete your profile on our website.
    • [details which you provide for our email notifications and/or newsletters subscription; with your name and email ID included.]
    • [Information that is being provided while using the services given by our websites or which is produced while using the services which includes timing, frequency and the pattern of the service used]
    • [details of the purchases used by you out of our services] or any other cash dealings you do through our website which comprises of your name, address, telephone number, email ID and card details.]
    • [the details posted by you including your user name, display pictures and the content of your posts; sent to our website for publication.]
    • [information contained in or with relation to any communications that is sent by you to us through our website (this includes communication content and meta data in association with the communication.)]
    • [any additional personal details you choose to send us; and]
    • [give details of other personal information gathered.]
  2. You must get the consent of a person for the disclosure and processing of personal details in unison with this policy before unveiling the personal information of that person.

3. Using your personal information

  1. iStudyHubwill be using the personal information provided through our website for the purposes specified in this policy or on the pages of the website which are relevant.
  2. Your personal details might be used for:
    • [website and business administration;]
    • [personalisation of our website for you;]
    • [enabling the use of the services available on our website;]
    • [sending of the services purchased by you on our website;]
    • [supplying those services to you;]
    • [sendingstatements, invoices and payment reminders in order to collect payments from you;]
    • [sending non-marketing commercial communications to you;]
    • [sending email notifications on your request;]
    • [sending you our email newsletter, if requested (though you can intimate us any time if the newsletter is no longer needed);]
    • [sending you marketing communications in accordance with our business [or vigilantly chosen third party businesses] which we think may grow interest in you, by post or wherever you have precisely agreed to this via email or like technology (no longer requirement of market communication can be informed at any time convenient to you);]
    • [providing the selected third parties with statistical information of our users (but those third parties will remain oblivious to any individual user from that information);]
    • [Enquiries and complaints management relating to our website made by you;]
    • [the security of our website and preventing deception;]
    • [verifying consent regulating our website usage with the terms and conditions [(includes supervision of private messages sent through private messaging service of our website)]; and]
    • [other uses].
  3. [If you provide personal details on our website for publication, we will publish those or use those details in terms with the license granted to us by you otherwise.]
  4. [You can, though, restrict the publication of your personal information on our website by using the privacy controls on the website for adjustments.]
  5. [We assure you of the confidentiality of your personal information provided and guarantee that those details won’t be distributed to any third party or for direct marketing by any of the parties without your knowledge.]
  6. [Our payment services provider [PSP name] is responsible for the management of all our website financial transactions. The provider privacy policy can be reviewed at [URL]. The information will be shared with our payment services provider only to the extent required for the purposes of processing payments which are made by you via our website, refunding such payments and handling the complaints and other payment and refund related queries.]

4. Disclosing personal information

  1. The disclosure of your personal details might take place [which may include officers, our employees, insurers, agents, professional advisers, subcontractors or suppliers] insofar as necessary for the purposes set out in this policy.
  2. [The revelation of your personal information to any member of our group of companies (our subsidiaries, our ultimate holding companies and all its subsidiaries) could be done by us. This disclosure will happen looking at the reasonable necessity for the purposes set out in this policy.]The disclosure of your personal details might take place [which may include officers, our employees, insurers, agents, professional advisers, subcontractors or suppliers] insofar as necessary for the purposes set out in this policy.
  3. We may reveal your personal information:
    • If we are required to do so by the law;
    • In relation to any ongoing or foreseen legal proceedings;
    • For establishing, exercising or defending our legal rights (which can include submitting information in order to reduce credit risk and fraud prevention);
    • [to the buyer (or foreseen buyer) of any business or asset that we are selling or are contemplating; and]
    • [to any individual who we fairly believe may apply to a court or other powerful authority for disclosure of that personal details where, in our rational opinion, such court or authority would be reasonably likely to demand or order the revelation of that personal information.]
  4. Unless such exceptions take place, iStudyHubwill not provide your personal details to any third party.

5. Third party websites

  1. Hyperlinks to, and details of, third party websites are also included in our websites.
  2. iStudyHub does not have any control over, and is not responsible for, the privacy policies and practices of any third parties.