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To what extent is psychodynamic effective in its application to everyday life?
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Psychodynamic is the systematized study and theory of human behaviour emphasizing the interplay between unconscious and conscious motivation. The original concept of psychodynamic is developed  by Freud who believes that id, ego and super-ego are the three parts of psyche; the uncoordinated instinctual trends are the id, the organised realistic part of the psyche is the ego and the critical and moralising function the super-ego
The role and effect of organization in memory and recall
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Introduction Memory shares a very close, highly correlative relationship with learning. It serves as the most important, crucial part in the process of learning for humans and other animals
The development of moral behaviour notes
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Moral behaviour is behaviour that is considered right or wrong. 1
Psychology experiment the study that is being replicated is the first expert
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Introduction In a study of cognitive interference, J. Stroop was able to exemplify that when two stimuli are occurring simultaneously, brains will only be able to respond to one, and thus the verbalization process is compromised
Understanding children’s behaviour
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1.1 Theories of I
Internal assessment on stroop effect
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Abstract Following the model of John Ridley Stroop’s test, this experiment compared the reaction times of reading words off a card and identifying the color they are printed in. The purpose of this investigation was to understand how conflicting stimuli influence the response
The detection of pheromones through diffusion within the same species
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Introduction In this essay I will be talking about the detection of pheromones through diffusion within the same species and how they are used within the nature of animal behaviour. I am going to talk about how animals use pheromones as well as human to attract one’s attention, how they are used in different situations, the chemical structure of pheromones, how they travel from one primate to another and what they are used for, by using this information I will conduct an experiment to show how fast pheromone particles are smelt within a distance
Peterson and peterson (1959)
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Aims: To prove that things only stay in short term memory for around 20 seconds and then, if it is not rehearsed, it disappears forever. Procedures: Participants were given sets of trigrams to learn and then tested on their recall
Emotional intelligence in the workplace
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According to Merriam-Webster website (2012), an emotion is “a conscious mental reaction (anger or fear) subjectively experienced as a strong feeling usually directed toward a specific object and typically accompanied by physiological and behavioral changes in the body”. On the other hand, intelligence cannot be compared to emotional intelligence (EI) because the latter is more powerful than the former  one
International baccalaureate internal assessment standard learning the effect of interfering stimuli on naming colours
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Abstract The experiment was conducted to prove if conflicting stimuli is responsible for a delay in the reaction time taken to name colours.