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which methods could a theatre company use while performing jean anouilhs antigone keeping true to and supporting the style of the theatre of the absurd
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Research Question: Which methods could a theatre company use while performing Jean Anouilh's 'Antigone', keeping true to and supporting the style of the Theatre of the  Absurd? Theatre of the Absurd is a term that was coined by Hungarian-born theatre critic Martin Esslin, who made it the title of his 1962 book on the subject. It is refers to a particular style of theatre and the work of a number of mainly European playwrights, mostly written in the 1950s and 1960s
the theme of individual conscience versus the state in sophocles plays
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In Sophocles' play "Antigone" he writes about the same themes as in "Oedipus Rex" and places different characters into almost the same horrible, chaotic situations. Sophocles writes strongly about his most important key theme, the exploration of human limits
themes in macbeth
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Shakespeare implements a number of themes into Macbeth, that enable the audience to have a better understanding of the plot and characters; and also to create an alternate set of ideas and motives to the general play itself. Shakespeare uses soliloquies, asides and a number of other dramatic techniques to add emphasis and further depth to the themes
theme of phoenix in fahrenheit 451
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Fahrenheit 451, written by Ray Bradbury during the Second World War, is a futuristic novel about a paradoxical society in which it is the job of firemen to set fires rather than to put them out. The firemen are explicitly charged with seeking out and burning any books they find in the city
how did stanislavski contribute to the development of realism in theatre
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Konstantin Stanislavski1  was a wealthy Muscovite man born in the early 19th  century.   He is who is responsible for creating the method of acting called realism
sludog millionaire
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Some critics and filmmakers argue that the French New Wave merely represent a time of upheaval and change within French cinema represented by diverse works of a few young directors. The term French New Wave or La Nouvelle Vague refers to the work of a group of French film-makers between the years 1958 to 1964
sin and ego psychology
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The actions of Raskolnikov in Fydor Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment illuminate the complexity of his character. Raskolnikov rationalizes his murders and  evil deeds, and feels compelled to take action when fellow tenants suggest that the two old sisters are “…Cursed wr-r-etches!” (Dostoyevsky lOl)
short story a decision
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This was not where I wanted to be. This was nowhere close to where I wanted to be
commedia dellarte masks
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According to italian theatre historians, such as Roberto Tessari, Ferdinando Taviani, and Luciano Pinto, Commedia dell'arte, which literally translated as improvised comedy, developed as a response to the political and economic crisis of the 16th century in Italy and, as a consequence, became the first entirely professional form of theatre [1]. It is believed that the use of mask in commedia dell'atre originated in 1570 with Andrea Calmo, the actor and author who was inspired by the venetian carnivals of the time