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Boutique hotels
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What are the operational challenges associated with developing new boutique hotels? Design and Architecture – the boutique hotel must be able to create its own “personality” or “identity” with various themes different from that  of  chain hotels and other boutique hotels. The  goal is to  create  a  unique, intimate, and stylish environment that makes every customer’s stay a distinctive experience that would make him/her want to come back
william shakespeares hamlet
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Hamlet’s disregard of his friend’s advice and the truth of Hamlet’s characteristics. Hamlet, the late king of Denmark, has risen again in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet
literary critique wicked
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My friend and I went to go see the second to last showing of the popular, surrealistic musical Wicked on September 4th, 2010 in San Francisco at the Orpheum Theater. The production is generally a success on its own terms; however, I don’t think it is as flawless as everyone seems to think it is
which methods could a theatre company use while performing jean anouilhs antigone keeping true to and supporting the style of the theatre of the absurd
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Research Question: Which methods could a theatre company use while performing Jean Anouilh's 'Antigone', keeping true to and supporting the style of the Theatre of the  Absurd? Theatre of the Absurd is a term that was coined by Hungarian-born theatre critic Martin Esslin, who made it the title of his 1962 book on the subject. It is refers to a particular style of theatre and the work of a number of mainly European playwrights, mostly written in the 1950s and 1960s
willy loman is often described as a tragic hero to what extent is death of a salesman a tragedy
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Critics have hotly debated the question of whether Willy Loman is a tragic hero or whether Death of a Salesman is a tragedy. Dramatic tragedy was invented and defined by the Greeks
the theme of individual conscience versus the state in sophocles plays
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In Sophocles' play "Antigone" he writes about the same themes as in "Oedipus Rex" and places different characters into almost the same horrible, chaotic situations. Sophocles writes strongly about his most important key theme, the exploration of human limits
post modernism era in dance
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Having read and experienced various modern techniques during this semester, I believe that I acquired a grand knowledge of modern concepts. The past few weeks were even more important to my improvement because I had a chance to execute long modern dance combinations with different dynamics and emotions
themes in macbeth
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Shakespeare implements a number of themes into Macbeth, that enable the audience to have a better understanding of the plot and characters; and also to create an alternate set of ideas and motives to the general play itself. Shakespeare uses soliloquies, asides and a number of other dramatic techniques to add emphasis and further depth to the themes
the merchant of venice the audience would have more sympathy for shylock in the movie version by the humanising sources that michael reford has added to the film
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Shylock is a tragic character as well as a villain in Shakespeare's play, The Merchant of Venice. Excessively greedy villain, harsh in his business, strongly shows the stereotype of Jewish people around the time the story was written