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To analyze the impact of pricing strategies on customer attraction, a case study of marks and spenser
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The process of attracting customers is deemed to be the central pillar for a business entity. It is necessary for a firm to have considerable customers which aid them to prosper in the challenging market scenarios
Total quality management
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Tata Steel is one of the world’s largest steel companies situated in India that operates in 26 nations and has approximately 80,500 employee strength (Singh, Jha and Kumar, 2014). The production output of the company is about 26
A critical analysis on the role of succession planning in retaining employees
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According to the definition of Zepeda, Bengtson and Parylo (2012) succession planning is a systematic approach which encourages individual employee’s growth and development for ensuring the continuity of leadership within the firm. The concept of succession planning has gained higher momentum in the current landscape of organization, particularly due to the concerns such as higher recruitment costs, increased retirements, tough labour market, poor employee loyalty, lack of employee retention strategies etc
To assess the impact of tax accounting practices on corporate reputation
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Increasing customer concern on corporate social responsibilities and business ethics has given adequate importance for tax accounting practices in an organization. However focusing on profits and gains and with the ultimate monetary motive, most of the current organizations has deviated from its tax accounting policies
Research methods for business and management course work: b
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Branding relates to process of using images, names and logos to represent a product in the market. The power of branding is that customers are easily able to remember and recall products due to branding (Kapferer, 2012)
Strategic management in action 2
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The only answer to every question that arises in every individual mind is Google. Google stands an exception among other organizations in beholding the same name for the organization and its product
Private international law
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In order to ensure legislative collaboration in commercial and civil affairs; irrespective of the characteristics of the tribunal or court, “Brussels I Regulation” came into action with regard to the member states of the European Union. It is developed to preserve and enhance the regime of security, freedom and justice ensuring free movement
Research methods for business and management 1
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Human resource management considers training and development as a process concerned with company’s functions aimed at enhancing the job performance of employees in company settings. The advantageous of training have been well-documented; it enhances employee productivity, job performance and the most of all it is best observed as an incentive to increase employee retention (Fletcher and Robinson, 2015)
Research methods for business and management
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As per the observation of Armstrong and Taylor  (2014) due to high competition in the business world almost all the organizations highly relies upon training and development for improving the performance and productivity of the employees and for retaining the highly talented employees. Employees are considered as the main pillars of an organization and contribution and commitment of the employees are highly inevitable for attaining the objectives and goals of the organization
Benefits of innovation in international business
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Innovation must take the reality needs of customers and the possibility of the upcoming big demand or improve as the foundation, or innovation constantly tend to stay in the technology and the ideal level, must come out from the misunderstanding. The base includes the market impetus, market efficiency