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Dubai's tourism industry
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Dubai's Tourism Industry Introduction Dubai is a member country of the Middle East region. The whole of this region generally attracts few tourists thanks to political turmoil which over the decades have generated tensions and uncertainties not only in the region but also in the whole world
Managing room division in hospitality
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Managing Room Division in Hospitality 1.0 Introduction: Room divisions is the heart of any hotel as it is the most revenue generating department in the hotel (Chon & Sparrowe, 1995)
The continuous improvement process in hospitality
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The continuous improvement process in hospitality The introduction section discuss about the Continuous improvement process in Hospitality and Event management operations. The process of continuous improvement for various organizations is inherent part which determines the way organization is doing its business
Analysis of the tower bridge organisation
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Analysis of the tower bridge organisation This report will be divided into 5 sections. In the first section I will be describing the function of the company and the product it provides for its customers
Sustainable tourism and destination management in business
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Sustainable tourism and Destination Management in Business The term sustainable is used for a tourism which does not affect or damage the destinations tours economy, environment and the tradition culture. Therefore the prime purpose of sustainable tourism is to do everything they can in order to that tourism remain positive experience of people of tourism destination together with tourist alike
Casino and gaming management
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Casino and Gaming Management In the report, we will introduce a brief history casinos in Victoria Australia, and then, the current state of casino gaming and internal description of casinos will be shown. The advantage and disadvantage of casinos will be discussed in the surrounding community
The role and importance of internet management
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The Role and Importance of Internet Management In today's highly digital world and fast paced business environment, the use of technology is something inevitable especially that more and more people are spending more time in the use of computers and the Internet. According to Besselaar, P
Yield management in the hotel industry
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Yield Management in the Hotel Industry Yield management was practice over the last fifteen to twenty years. According to Kimes, the yield management principle was first developed in the airline industry
The history and benefits of human resource planning
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The History and Benefits of Human Resource Planning Human Resource planning has been criticized as speculative and over-mathematical. Nevertheless, proponents argue that rather than attempting to predict the future, the value lies in challenging assumptions and stimulating thinking
Report on the air asia tourism
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Report on the Air Asia Tourism Executive summary The current situation of Air market is not steady and could satisfy needs of customers, more and more negative news appear to show depression of Air Asia. Air Asia is a Malaysian-based company which owns airlines in Asia with low cost and provide 400 flight lines over 25 countries, the Air Asia was first founded in 1993 and operated in 1998 (Sen & Ng, 2008)