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In tess of the d’urbervilles, howdoeshardypresenttessand angel’s relationshipas one that is destined to fail ?
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In Hardy’s tragic novel, nothing is as clear as it seems. Although Alec D’Urberville was the ostensible instigator of the protagonist Tess Durbeyfield’s downfall, it must  be argued that Angel Clare plays just as a significant role in her destruction
Innocense and experience in atonement and the go between
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“Adam and Eve, on eating the apple, could not have been more upset than I was” (The Go-Between Ch. 10)
How does fitzgerald tell the story in chapter 1 of ‘the great gatsby'?
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The opening chapter of any novel is fundamental in setting the tone for that which follows it : Fitzgerald therefore ensures that the first chapter of the ‘The Great Gatsby’ firmly imp rints certain key themes into the mind of the reader, using a variety of devices to do so.  The very first thing that Fitzgerald makes clear to the reader is the perspective from which   the novel will be presented
How is the conflict between duty and desire explored in these texts?
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Desire is a term conveying a longing for a certain object, person or outcome. It is an emotion from the heart and is unaffected by social opinion
Cleopatrais often interpreted as the designing woman who brings down a worthy soldier and ruler but this view is simplistic
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How do you, in the 21 st century, respond to Shakespeare?s dramatic presentation of Cleopatra?  Cleopatra can only be described as ‘designing? when her character is examined on an entirely superficial level. Beyond the obvious fluctuations in mood   and volatile behaviour she exhibits throughout the play, there lies an intensely vulnerable and accessible  woman, more so than ever to a  modern audience