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Strategic planning & the business environment
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Developmental strategies and planning plays a key role in the progress of any business organization. This study considers the case of Radisson Blu being an example of a successful classy hotel network spanning across the globe
A critical analysis on the role of succession planning in retaining employees
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According to the definition of Zepeda, Bengtson and Parylo (2012) succession planning is a systematic approach which encourages individual employee’s growth and development for ensuring the continuity of leadership within the firm. The concept of succession planning has gained higher momentum in the current landscape of organization, particularly due to the concerns such as higher recruitment costs, increased retirements, tough labour market, poor employee loyalty, lack of employee retention strategies etc
To assess the impact of tax accounting practices on corporate reputation
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Increasing customer concern on corporate social responsibilities and business ethics has given adequate importance for tax accounting practices in an organization. However focusing on profits and gains and with the ultimate monetary motive, most of the current organizations has deviated from its tax accounting policies
Management and operations
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Even though the manager of Ilford-on-Sea Limited is highly educated person with vast experience in customer services, sales and marketing, lack of understanding about self-role and position in organization may affect the his  level of performance as well the approach towards employees. As opined by Sutcliffe (2013) managing the projects specifically under small organizations involves huge complexities and thus the role of manager is eminent to lead the team with knowledge and confidence, delegate tasks,  coordinate, motivate and encourage employees etc
Current and future technology use in the hospitality industry
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This research was planned to assess the current and future technology use in the Hospitality Industry. The researcher had selected Four Seasons Hotel for conducting the study
Research methods for business and management course work: b
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Branding relates to process of using images, names and logos to represent a product in the market. The power of branding is that customers are easily able to remember and recall products due to branding (Kapferer, 2012)
Evaluating csr in an organization
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In the highly completive retail industry, most of the firms give higher importance for implementing CSR initiatives with an intention to achieve social, economic and environmental sustainability and thereby to improve brand image. Being a leading retail company, H&M implement various sustainability strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emission, water and energy wastage, product recycling, offering healthy working environment, etc and which assist the firm to achieve sustainability to a great extent
A critical analysis on the impact of corporate social responsibility (csr) on organizational profitability
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In recent years, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has developed exponentially and are considered as investments; not as expenses or costs, where it reveals the link between the businesses and stakeholders like customers, employees, investors and community as a whole (Malik and Kanwal, 2016). Previous works revealed ambiguous findings of the link between CSR and profitability, and there exists few evidence supporting that CSR and corporate profitability are directly associated
Marketing design and innovation ;task 1&2
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The strategic plans of current competitive firms to blend latest technological innovations and marketing efficiency constitutes marketing innovations. According to Bhalla (2010), implementing innovative approaches and amending the prevailing product specifications, pricing strategies, promotional techniques, packaging,etc
Strategic management in action 2
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The only answer to every question that arises in every individual mind is Google. Google stands an exception among other organizations in beholding the same name for the organization and its product