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Marketing consultancy: monsoon accessorize
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Monsoon Accessorize was founded in the year 1973 by Peter Simon and is headquartered in West London, United Kingdom. The company is involved into providing wide range of children’ and women’s clothing, fragrance, footwear, Monsoon Bridal, Monsoon Fusion and Monsoon Homes (Monsoon Accessorize, 2015)
Marketing consultancy-pepsico
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In this report, a comprehensive Marketing plan is formulated for Pepsico. Though Pepsico has substantiated its growth by adopting efficient strategies like product differentiation and cost optimisation, recent reports shows decline of the company in terms of performance
Marketing consultancy-amazon
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Amazon is an electronic commerce and cloud computing company established in the year 1994 by Jeff Bezos. The company has it’s headquarter in Seattle, Washington
Sustainable management futures
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The main purpose of any business organization is to generate profit and gain returns, and to sustain in current state of affairs, the key is to maintain better consumer relation and develop sustainable management tactics (Adamek, 2014). It is responsibility of business organizations for contributing in better development of the people and not for damaging society
Marketing consultancy- westpac bank
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One of the renowned banks in Australia is Westpac which was earlier called as New South Wales. It was founded in the year 1817 (Westpac Annual Report, 2015)
Adaptive e-learning – visual analytics
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E-learning methods have gained significant importance modern educational setting due to its convenience and user-friendliness. E-learning has also attracted significant attention from academicians and practitioners and has subsequently improved in terms of efficiency and effectiveness (Clark and Mayer, 2016)
Managing self others
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From the assessment on temperament, I have found that my personality falls under the characteristics of Introversion, Institution, thinking and Judging (INTJ).  From the results I have found that persons with INTJ characteristics are intelligent, competent and are more likely to generate ideas
Human resources and events law for event management
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The significance of strict and healthy legal framework for the effective staging of a commercial event has been determined by Marson and Ferris (2015). According to this author, stringent and regulated statutory edicts help in effectively administering the commercial events with reduced damages and illicit practices
An investigation into the role of talent management in organisational profitability
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Improving the effectives of organizational performance is the core of business management. The factors that contribute to this process are capital, machinery and human resource, notes Kehinde (2012)
A study on the influence of organizational culture on innovation management
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According the research of Phong, Pham, and Nhan (2014), Organisational culture can be defined as the combination of goals, norms, myths, beliefs, and values. It is a combination that is accepted in the organisation