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Management accounting and financial planning
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Pricing is one of the most important decisions need to be taken by the finance managers of any business.  Pricing is crucial to the success of any business as the customers are king and revenue primarily depends on the price charged to the customers (Brealey et al
Managing financial resources and decisions
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1.1 Identifying the sources of finance available to businesses The sources of finance available to a business vary according to its nature of business
Health and the environment
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The key terminologies that forms an umbrella over the rules, laws, guidance, etc. in facilitating protection for public, employees and the environmental aspects are the health, safety and environment most commonly abbreviated as HSE was the justification by Asbury (2013)
Context of health & social care
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According to ESPAD report, around 40% teenagers in UK are addicted to drugs (Daily Mail, 2017). This fact clearly reveals that there exists an increased drug using population in UK
International money and finance assignment 2
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Organizations encounter with varied forms of risks, confinements and challenges, in account to its entry into international markets and abidance to the international operations. Research studies that have been accomplished in relate to the risk and challenges faced by organizations states the key risk factors as the risks encountered by the nation, delayed delivery of products, risks confronted in foreign exchange, etc
International money and finance assignment1
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The diamond industry had a phenomenal growth over the years as the supply demand for diamond has been increased drastically. The Petra Diamonds Ltd a gemstone in diamond mining who headquartered at Jersey holds a diversified portfolio
Accounting and finance for managers
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a) Ratio analysis Financial performance of Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury’s In this section, the financial performances of Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury’s for the past 5 year’s period were critically assessed using profit and loss ratio calculations. Profit and loss ratios The ability of firm to generate profit over losses over a specific period of time can be calculated using profit and loss ratios
Total quality management
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Tata Steel is one of the world’s largest steel companies situated in India that operates in 26 nations and has approximately 80,500 employee strength (Singh, Jha and Kumar, 2014). The production output of the company is about 26
A marketing consulation report to vodafone
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Vodafone UK, part of the Vodafone Group is the third largest telecom operator in United Kingdom. UK is a developed economy which is almost a matured and saturated market characterised by demanding customers, availability of ample choices and high bargaining power for the consumers and is the largest user of telecommunications products in Europe
Marketing consultancy- netflix
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Netflix dominates the entertainment industry and to retain the competitive status, company keeps evolving in accordance with the marketing trends. However recent reports show customers aversion from Netflix to its rivals like Amazon Prime due to the ineffectiveness of the content marketing which is detailed out in the sections