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Business integration project
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Effective business strategy highly plays a significant role in enhancing the profitability of the organization and also helps in achieving the long term objectives and goals. Organizations through following successful business strategies become capable of attaining large market share thereby fostering the competitive advantage of the firm
Global network and innovation- tata motors limited ?
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Formerly known by the name TELCO, Tata Motors Limited is an Indian originated automobile conglomerate. In addition to the manufacturing of commercial vehicles, this multinational venture has also developed several military vehicles and electric automobiles
Global network and innovation- mitsubishi corporation
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Mitsubishi Corporation is one of the leading Japanese multinational trading companies which gained immense expertise in the segments including chemicals, energy, finance, banking, machinery and food (Mitsubishi Corporation, 2011). Mitsubishi Corporation employs over 60,000 people across 90 countries worldwide
In an era of globalization what is the future for family- run businesses?
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The globalization has completely changed the way business was conducted by altering the trade and investment aspects. In this world of constantly varying and unstable economies, the family businesses need to improvise new and innovative efforts for ensuring the business growth and presence
Adaptive e-learning
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E-learning methods have gained significant importance modern educational setting due to its convenience and user-friendliness. E-learning has also attracted significant attention from academicians and practitioners and has subsequently improved in terms of efficiency and effectiveness (Clark and Mayer, 2016)
The components of transformational leadership are necessary and sufficient to facilitate team success
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In the business world, leadership can shape execution and effectiveness of organisational strategies especially in a scenario of turbulent changes, claimsClegg, Kornberg and Pitsis (2015). Therefore, effective leadership serves as a competitive advantage and helps in achieving higher performance levels
Impact of advertising on women’s cosmetic surgery with a focus on labiaplasty and breast implants
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The research intends to explore causal relationship between advertising and increase in the rate of cosmetic surgery practices; breast implants and labiaplasty. In order to develop knowledge on these variables, research background and rationale will be developed
Impact of leadership on patient safety culture and outcomes: a systematic review
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Health care sector is more challenging platform which requires additional attention to eliminate the possible risk and uncertainties that may even possess serious threat to public health.  Therefore adopting right leadership style is eminent to assure quality care treatment and safety culture to patients
Global network and innovation itau unibanco
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The Itau Unibanco one of the largest conglomerates was formed by merging Unibanco and Banco Itau in 2008 and has become the biggest venture in Latin America deemed to assets. The Bank has diversified operation through Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, US and Asian countries like China and Japan
Managing financial resources &decisions
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In the post-recession era, the significance of financial management has increased in businesses. One of the key challenges faced by modern businesses is the need to raise capital for business growth without taking on significant risks