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Environmental principles and sustainability?
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As per the observation of Ipatenco (2016),carbon footprint is defined as the greenhouse gases mainly emitted through buildings, manufactured goods, transports, fuels, production and consumption of food, land clearance etc. and it is found that these emissions are caused directly or indirectly by organizations, individuals, product or events
Global network and innovation- nippon steel and sumitomo metal (nssm)
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Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal (NSSM) is one among the leading steel manufacturer which was formed as result of merger between Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal during the year 2012.  By volume, the firm occupies third in the list of world’s largest steel producers
Global network and innovation- china petroleum and chemical corporation
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The combination of China Petro and Chemical Corporation (CPCC) is named as China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group). CPCC is a company situated in Beijing, China and it is mainly a Chinese oil and gas company
Global network and innovation- bridgestone corporation
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Bridgestone Corporation started out as Bridgestone Tire Co., Ltd
Global network and innovation
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ASTRAZENECA PLC is a globally recognised British-Sweden science-led company in the field of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical with headquarters in
Strategy into action
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Strategic changes in organizations are necessary for sustainability of business in today’s dynamic business. The current report analysed the strategic change in Yahoo Inc
A critical analysis on the service quality of walmart using theoretical frameworks
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Strategic thinking and value management from the organizational perspective implies the higher emphasis of firms to unique opportunities and insights for attaining long term competitive advantage.  The main aim of the current assessment report was to   assess the service quality of Walmart using theoretical models
The role of strategic alliances in firm innovation
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In the modern business climate, customers increasingly demand new offerings, forcing organizations to innovate continuously. Since the process of innovation involves vast resources and capabilities, many firms are now moving towards open innovation where they collaborate with external entities such as competitors, suppliers, external agencies and partners and customers for the generation and implementation of new ideas
What is the role of international business in addressing high levels of unemployment? discuss using examples from two sectors. ?
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In the current era of industrialization, the international business ventures have gained an imperative role in influencing employment rates and progress of a country. As per the opinion of Cavusgil (2016), improved international business operations of an industrial sector attract skilled labours and hence impose a direct influence on the employment and unemployment rates of the nation
Describe and assess the different managerial strategies towards industrial relations in both unionised and non-unionised contexts
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Industrial relations address the context of the problems associated with the management of the labour or work force with regard to the market fluctuations and other issues influencing the smooth functionality of the industries through struggling economies.  The external and internal issues associated with workforce are analyzed and rectified with a multitude of initiatives by the employees through unions and associations or by the government systems through conciliations, conflict resolutions and labour laws (Kaufman and Taras, 2016)