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Psychological aspects of war
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Mental health consequences of war cannot be denied. There are manifold psychological influences of war on the minds of civilians and also of the armed personnel and their families
Analysis of character in a film the 40-year-old virgin
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The main character in the movie is Andy,an amiable single man. The psychology of Andy towards sex throughout the movie has no such reasoning to be acceptable
The difference in mass affects the time period of a spring pendulum
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Teacher’s Instruction: To study how the difference in mass affects the Time Period of a spring  pendulum. Research Question: How does the suspended mass affect the Time period of an oscillation of a  spring? Variables Independent Variable: Mass Suspended (m) Dependent Variable: Time Period (T) Control Variable: Number of Oscillations (n) Dimensions of the Spring A Clamp Stand A G- Clamp A Spring Weights to be suspended A Digital Stop Watch A digital balance The clamp stand is set up and held steady to the table top using a G-  Clamp
Determining the specific heat of three metals
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Method of mixtures: When different parts of an isolated system are at different temperatures, heat will flow from the part of higher temperature to the part of lower temperature. Therefore, from conservation of energy: Heat lost by hot object = Heat gained by cold object
To measure specific heat capacity of a solid by method of mixtures
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AIM: To find the specific heat capacity of a solid by method of mixtures. Materials Required: calorimeter, Thermometer (110 ? c), stopwatch, weighing  machine
Determining acceleration due to gravity.
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Criteria Assessed: §  Data Collection and Processing (DCP) §  Conclusion and Evaluation (CE) AIM: To determine the acceleration due to gravity on Earth using the ‘drop   ball’ technique. INTRODUCTION: Gravity is one of the four fundamental forces and on Earth, it pulls everything towards the center of the Earth
Projectile with vertical initial velocity
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Research Question To calculate the maximum height reached by an object fired vertically, and to compare with the experiment. Variables Independent variables: - Launch level chosen
Propagation of errors
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In this experiment I investigated the propagation of errors while calculating the volume of two objects. I came to the conclusion that a measuring instrument like a screw gauge has some problematic limitations
Investigating the resistance of a wire.
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In this experiment I collected data on various thicknesses of constantan wires to try and confirm the relationship: R = l/A. The independent variable in this experiment will be the thickness of the constantan wire and will be recorded according to its diameter
Pendulum lab
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Introduction A pendulum is a weight hanging from the pivot. When pulled back from a certain point and releases, the weight swings freely down by the force of gravity and swinging back and forth due to its inertia