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Conservation of momentum experiment
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Data Collection and Processing:    Cue Puck Stationary Puck Mass of Puck ±1g 553 551 Angle of Movement ±0.1° 39
To determine the spring constant(k)
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Aim: To determine the spring constant(k). Introduction: Force applied on a spring to elongate it
Circular motion
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Introduction / Purpose Circular motion is the motion that links velocity, mass, and radius of the string of an object. If any one of the factors is changed, the motion of the object gets affected or the velocity/acceleration gets affected
Car safety features: newton’s laws in airbags
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Airbags are important safety features in modern cars. They are implanted in the dashboard, steering wheel, and sometimes the sides of cars
Relationship between amplitude and period
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Research Question: How does varying the amplitude of a bowl affect the period of motion of a ball oscillating in a mat? Introduction Oscillation is a motion, which repeats itself. A simple harmonic motion is when object moves back and fourth within a stable equilibrium position
Oblique collisions in two dimensions
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Aim:To investigate the conservation of kinetic energy and the conservation of momentum in an oblique collisions between two objects. Hypothesis: By law of conservation the momentum and kinetic energy should be conserved in an oblique collision between two objects however in our case I hypothesize there will be a slight difference due to the fact that the system is not isolated and forces from outside will act upon it
Acceleration lab we believe that by using a ramp and a marble
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Aspect 1 The aim of this experiment is to prove that acceleration due to gravity is 9.81  m/s
Relationship between angle and acceleration
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Aim To get the gravitational acceleration by a slope board and a ticker   tape. Hypothesis When the angle of the board gets 90, then the acceleration reaches at  9
Variation of current through the windings of insulated wire affect the strength in the electromagnet
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Research Question: How does a variation of current through the windings of insulated wire affect the strength in the electromagnet? Key Variables: Variable: Current (depends on the input voltage of the power kit) Constants: Length of the winding wire, Number of turns, Permeability (depends on the insulation around the wire and the physical properties (composition, diameter, length) of the nail) Hypothesis: If we double the current, then the strength in the electromagnet should also double. Rccording to the magnetic field strength equation, , the flux density B inside the solenoid is directly proportional to the current I
Measuring the gravitational acceleration lab report
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Planning Apparatus A string (about 0.5m), stop watch, bob (weight), stand with a clamp, ruler (1m), angle meter, protractor