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Measure water potential of a potato’s cells
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Research question: how is water potential of potato cells differ in different sucrose concentration? Background information: Investigate the water potential of a potato’s cells in different sucrose concentrations. The concentrations will be: 0
How does music/sound affect the growth or germination of chickpea plant?
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Introduction: Once I was searching on internet on how music affects human mind, but at that time I found something interesting, I found an article saying music affecting the growth of the plant. Then I thought if music can affect human brain then it can be true  that it affects plant growth
Independent research project – vital lung capacity
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Introduction Breathing is an essential element for all corporeal organisms.  In humans, and most mammals, it is done involuntary
The effect of exercise on cellular respiration
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Introduction: Cellular respiration is the process that cells use to break down glucose; this releases energy that is used to produce ATP.  Cellular respiration involves a series of enzyme-catalysed reactions
How the heart works
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Although the heart is often referred to as a symbol of courage and love, it is no more than a muscular pump. From the moment it begins beating to the moment we die the heart works non-stop beating an average of 72 beats per minute, 37,843,200 beats per year and 2,838,240,000 beats per average lifetime1
How are interactions between neural cells established and maintained?
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The human embryo is a collection of clusters of non-specific cells, which then develop into the tissues of the adult human. In particular immature, non-specific neuroblasts must be differentiated into the highly specialised cells of the nervous system, each with a unique structure, function and synaptic interactions (Whatson 2004)
The force needed to break down a hair and to investigate if characteristics found in different hairs make a change in the strength
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Aim:To investigate the force needed to break down a hair and to investigate if characteristics found in different hairs make a change in the strength these have. Hypothesis:There will be hairs which would be mor e resistant; therefore they will resist more weight
To find the water potential of the cytoplasm of potato cell
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Observation: 1. Potato (Solanum tuberosum linnaeus) 1 strips turn into dark colour when it gets oxidized because it exposed to air too long
An experiment to investigate the action of saliva on starch
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Research question Do enzymes in our saliva break up starch into simple sugars (mono- or disaccharides)? Introduction Enzymes are globular proteins, which act as biological catalysts. They speed up reactions by binding to a substrate, such as for example the enzyme amylase, which binds to starch (a polysaccharide) in order to break it down into di - and monosaccharides
A local ecosystem-patterns in naturelife on earth the australian biota
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  Compare the abiotic characteristics of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems Organisms that live in aquatic and terrestrial have a very different apperence (morphology) and way of functioning (physiology). Terrestrial animals have support for living out of water and for transport on land