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Environmental systems and societies- biomass productivity
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Aim- The aim of this experiment is to determine the productivity of a piece of grass within a five week period. Hypothesis - I think the productivity of the grass will show a gradual increase over the weeks that we measure it? because the grass it photosynthesizing all the time thus increasing in mass
Extra credit – food and culture
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What is the name and cultural association of the food dish you  tried? I tried Korean traditional food called Kimchi, which is one of the top five healthiest foods in the world because it contains essential vitamins like vitamin A, B, C, etc. This food  also good for diet because rich of fiber
Why maori deserve open entry to universities
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First of all, we should consider the reasons not to open universities to Maori. Essentially, there is one major argument here, which is that it's 'unfair' that they should not have to work
Discuss cultural differences in gender
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The ‘cultural determinism’ view (that gender is solely determined via our culture) was first proposed by Margaret Mead, an anthropologist who adopted an ethnographic approach to studying gender differences in 3 different primitive societies in Papua New Guinea. During her research she immersed herself in their culture and conducted participant observations and interviews with the natives
Criticism of the biases found in nature writing
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Many of the earliest stories focused on the state of being, of living and enhancing comprehension of the natural world, or the wilderness. By experiencing nature firsthand, it allows for the possibility of discovering meaning in our own lives and our relationship with the world around us
Confucianism’s influence
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Culture is a term which has a very complex definition. For each individual, culture has its own interpretation
Cognitive anthropology and structuralism
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Developed in the 20th century, cognitive anthropology is a concept concerned with what people from different groups know and how that implicit knowledges changes the way people relate to the world around them. The concept can include subcategories called ethnoscience and symbolic anthropology
Division of labor: the progression and deterioration of society
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Both Adam Smith and Jean-Jacque Rousseau desire to understand the correlation between human nature, the progress of society, and society’s condition in modernity. They highlight the division of labor as the vehicle of society’s evolution and focus on the desire for self-preservation and a capacity for improvement as the two human traits that drive this progressive vehicle
Apply functionalism and structuralism to the trobriander islanders’ economy
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The Trobriand Island inhabitants live in a society composed of four clans further divided into subclans or dala, in the local language. These dala follow a matrilineal descent system that define territory, kinship and marriage, and are the corporations of society via the yam exchanges of kin, but the higher structure, clan, have no corporate interest and have no chiefs, but only chiefly dala’s have chiefs, commoner dalas have managers as leaders and they cannot marry polygamous
Food nutrition label report
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The Food product E decided to choose was a granola bar with a flavor of blueberry yogurt. A granola bar is usually portrayed of being a snack or a breakfast food