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How does the change in the number of gas particles change the pressure of gas in a glass beaker
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The point of this experiment is to see the dependence of pressure on the change of the number of particles of air. The expected result is a direct proportionality
Hooke's law lab
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Introduction In this lab, the spring constant within a specific spring will be calculated using a ruler and force sensor to measure the length of a spring and the force exerted by the spring at that length. According to Hooke's Law, we know that the extension of a spring (x) is proportional to the force it exerts by the equation: F = kx Various forces will be measured according to their corresponding lengths and the data will be graphed on a force vs
Using masses and force meters lab report
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Aim Our aim is to find the gravitational field strength for this area. Introduction Gravitational field strength, g, is the force acting on a mass at a point in a gravitational field
Exponential decay of beer foam
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Introduction: The aim of this investigation is to find the decay constant of beer foam. This practical will revolve around the process of decay of beer foam
Queensland academy for science, maths and technology
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Aim: To determine the energy density of ethanol Background info: Energy density is the energy stored per unit mass. The higher the energy density, the higher the amount of energy that substance is able to store per unit mass (Rodrigue, 2011)
Energy and power of electric gircuits and electrochemical batteries:
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Introduction: Electrical energy is very important for the human race and the everyday life of most people  because  energy  is  being  used  all  the  time  and  it  is  mostly electrical energy and with that most energy is also transformed into electrical  energy  or  some  variant  of  such  as  nuclear  energy  etc. therefore it is needed and most important to understand electricity in  the  everyday  world  but  more  specifically  the  use  of   batteries which can be shown through simple circuit board set ups
Finding the density of glass
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Aim: - To determine the density of glass of regular and irregular  shapes Hypothesis: - To measure the density of an object we use the equation Density = Mass/Volume. But before we can figure out the density we need to first figure out the mass and the volume of each object
Electromagnetism : the current balance lab
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Aim: To investigate how a magnetic field affects a wire carrying an electric current. Furthermore, to examine how the strength of a solenoids magnetic field depends on the size of the current through the wire
Conservation of momentum experiment
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Data Collection and Processing:   Cue Puck Stationary Puck Mass of Puck ±1g 553 551 Angle of Movement ±0.1° 39
Circular motion
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Introduction / Purpose Circular motion is the motion that links velocity, mass, and radius of the string of an object. If any one of the factors is changed, the motion of the object gets affected or the velocity/acceleration gets affected