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Investigate one factor affecting the terminal speed of spheres falling in a liquid
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Background: In physics, terminal velocity is when the acceleration of the object becomes constant due to the other forces around, such as gas or liquid. When the gravity force and the drag force become equal, the free falling object’s velocity is called terminal velocity
Index of refraction
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The aim of the experiment is to find the index of refraction, n , of the plexiglass. This would be done by passing a ray of light at the plexiglass, at a certain angle, and then recording the angle at which it refracts back into the air
Investigating the factors which affect the bounce of a ball research.
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When a ball is dropped there are various factors that the affect it's rate of bouncing. The size of the ball, air pressure in it, force at which it is thrown, temperature, material of the ball, surface at which it is thrown ,drop height etc
To understand the hooke’s law by calculating the spring constant of a given spiral spring
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Introduction Aim of the experiment: To understand the Hooke’s Law by calculating the spring constant of a given spiral spring. Background Information: Provided that the  stretching  force does not extend a spring beyond  its elastic limit, the extension of the spring  is directly proportional to the  stretching force
Frequency, pipes and the speed of sound jeff leeson
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a) Research Question What is the relationship between frequency and the speed of sound in   air? b) Hypothesis Given the accepted value for the speed of sound in air being 343 m/s, I think that this will prove true no matter what frequency the sound  is. c) Variables Independent Variable: Frequency (f) of sound produced Dependent Variable: Length (L) of pipe d) Materials Plastic Tube Rubber Stopper Tuner (Some tuners may not have set frequencies, tuning forks will do) Sound Wave Sensor/Mic Scissors Meter stick e)   Procedure Hold the tuner vertically to the  cylinder
Finding the index of refraction
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The following table shows the angles of incidence and the angles of refraction measured for a light passing between air and another  medium. Trials Angle of Incidence ± 2? Angle of Refraction ± 2? 1 20 16 2 23 19 3 28 23 4 37 30 5 43 35 6 48 40 7 50 41 8 57 46 Now, looking at Snell?s law where n1sin01 = n2sin02 n1 = 1
Experiment to measure the speed of sound in a resonance tube
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Frequency(Hz) Resonating Length±0.05 (cm) Average Resonating Length of the tube (cm) Resonating Length uncertainty (cm) Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 256 32
Evaluation in testing the conservation of momentum in a linear collision
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The law of conservation of linear momentum states that in an isolated system, one in which external forces are absent, the total momentum before a collision is equal the total momentum after a collision. In physics, problems consist usually of two objects colliding in an isolated system
Emf and internal resistance of a cell
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Data Collection Current (A) ± 0.005 Voltage (V) ± 0
Electricity saftey
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Introduce electricity. Why is electricity dangerous? a)     Relationship between current and voltage