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Review of goleman’s emotional intelligence
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Emotional intelligence has been a thriving field of study, since Gardner and other scholars argued that IQ is not the entire aspect of human intelligence. Daniel Goleman believes that emotional intelligence, or EI, has a critical role to play in human functioning and organizational development
Psychological aspects of war
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Mental health consequences of war cannot be denied. There are manifold psychological influences of war on the minds of civilians and also of the armed personnel and their families
Decision analysis shuzworld
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Shuzworld is a national retailer that has its headquarters in Omaha Nebraska, which deals primarily with the selling of shoes, boots, and sandals. It also produces its individual line of products ranging from work boots and sandals to rubber boots and rainwear and sport and adventure wear
Analysis of character in a film the 40-year-old virgin
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The main character in the movie is Andy,an amiable single man. The psychology of Andy towards sex throughout the movie has no such reasoning to be acceptable
Circular motion lab
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Defining the problem and selecting variables Problem: How does a change in the length of the radius affect the velocity of the stopper? Research: Circular motion can be expressed in terms of formulas as it directly links to Newton?s 2nd law, f=ma. Fc  = m*a This relates to circular motion as in circular  motion: v2 Ac   =r Because f= m*a We can say that: v2 Fc     = mr V = rev / s ? 2nr T ( period) =1 / ƒ Frequency = number of revolutions per  second Variables Independent  variable(s) (manipulated): Radius Dependent  variable(s) (measured): Velocity Controlled variable(s) (constant): Human Error Friction Air resistance Technology Aspect 2 − Controlling  variables The variables were controlled in the following ways: Independent: Radius- during the Experiment that we conducted our independent variable that we controlled was the radius
The difference in mass affects the time period of a spring pendulum
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Teacher’s Instruction: To study how the difference in mass affects the Time Period of a spring  pendulum. Research Question: How does the suspended mass affect the Time period of an oscillation of a  spring? Variables Independent Variable: Mass Suspended (m) Dependent Variable: Time Period (T) Control Variable: Number of Oscillations (n) Dimensions of the Spring A Clamp Stand A G- Clamp A Spring Weights to be suspended A Digital Stop Watch A digital balance The clamp stand is set up and held steady to the table top using a G-  Clamp
Hooke’s law: determining k for a spring
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Aim: To investigate Hooke’s law for simple springs of  rubber Hypothesis: The relationship between a load force and a light spring (F=k.x) was first determined by Robert Hooke in the 17th century
Gama rays
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Gamma rays refer to the high energy photons that are emitted by radioactive nuclei. They   are a form of electromagnetic radiation, just like visible light or x rays, but with a much higher energy
Focal length of a converging lens
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Aim: To find the radius of curvature and the focal length of a converging lens by experimental method Hypothesis: The relationship between u, v, and the focal length f for a converging lens is = l = l + lf            u          v where f is the focal length of the lens, u is the distance between the object to the lens and v is distance between the images to the lens. Variables: Independent Controlled Dependent Different  types                 of lens used Distance between the candle and the lens Experiment  conducted at a dark room Same projection screen used   Focal length of the lens and the distance between the image and the lens Materials: Item Quantity Accuracy Candle & Matches 1 - Converging lenses 5 - Screen 1 - Distance marker 1 6l ±0
What are fiber optics?
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Fiber optics (optical fibers) are long, thin strands of very pure glass about the diameter of a human hair. They are arranged in bundles called optical cables and used to transmit light signals over long distances