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Management control systems (mcs)
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Management Control Systems (MCS) Management Control Systems (MCS) is a system which collects the information and uses that information for measure the performance of various organizational resources like human, physical, financial and organizational strategies. In other words, MCS influences the allocation of organizational resources to the respective department for the achievement of organizational goal
Overview of project quality management
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Overview of Project Quality Management Project Quality Management is a crucial element in 9 knowledge areas as the victory of any project is dependent on its quality and it is equally essential for Project Manager. In Project Management Domain, every person demands quality
Factor influencing job involvement
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Factor Influencing Job Involvement This chapter shows the theoretical bases for this research which supported by the relevant literature review. The research was conducted based on the topic "Factor Influencing Job Involvement in University Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP)"
Leadership essay - a good leader
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Leadership Essay - A Good Leader The Qualities of a Good Leader Introduction Leaders have an important role within an organisation related to its success, productivity and the performance of the employees. The 'fundamental task of a leader is to build and maintain a high performing team' (Furnham, 2005, p
Worker motivation in capitalist economies
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Worker Motivation in Capitalist Economies Motivation is defined as: The set of processes that arouse, direct, and maintain human behaviour towards attaining some goal. Motivation is the inner drive that pushes individuals to act or perform
Leadership causes: negative employee attitudes
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Leadership Causes: Negative Employee Attitudes Within the case of the mushroom factory it was very clear that each leader's personality type was vastly different from the other, and with this came big differences within the dynamic of each team. Bringing to light the idea that personality is directly related to how successful a leadership is, and therefore the success or failure of their team or group
Induction and employee socialisation
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Induction and employee socialisation Induction process initiates with recruitment and leads to continuous employee improvement (Marchington & Wilkinson: 2008). During the induction new employees are informed about organisation's performance standards and expectations
Oil gas industry attractiveness
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Oil Gas Industry Attractiveness This report presents a brief but comprehensive analysis of the attractiveness of the oil and gas industry from a variety of perspectives. The first perspective is taking a look at the attractiveness of the Oil and Gas industry having a competitive edge adopting the Porter's five forces model which buttress on the response on the industry where the which the oil companies are the buyers and the service companies are the sellers of a wide range of goods and services related to drilling wells, building platforms and producing oil and gas
Perspectives of human resource management
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Perspectives of Human Resource Management Suppose you are the HR Manager in a company. Company is considering the idea of establishing an HR Department to manage its employees efficiently and effectively to use different prospective of HRM, and how flexible workplace play an important role in HR performance and what are main challenges faced by HR manager in flexible workplace, while at the same attain maximum employee satisfaction and loyalty
Recruiting and hiring employees
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Recruiting and Hiring Employees Interview a Manager either in hospitality or tourism industries that are responsible for recruiting and hiring new employees. Write a new report on what the new Manager look for in a new employee and how he go about recruiting and hiring people