Essay Writing Guide

An essay is a brief write-up on a specific theme or subject. Formal in nature, essays are designed to get academic viewpoints of authors on a particular topic. By comprehensively and systematically detailing all the concerning matters, an essay further analyses and assesses a specific topic. A good essay contains arguments and thoughts presented in a rational and objective way. When writing academic essays, broader observations would not help an author in bringing about an adept essay. Academic essays need to cover the questions asked to answer or require verifying something or coming up with a thesis- aided by reasoning and facts. Moreover, proper examples and appropriate attributions are considered as indispensable elements when drafting academic essays. However, most essays-be it academic or general, have to meet a word limit, often. Below given are some useful tips for drafting a perfect piece of essay.

For skilfully drafting an essay, remember:

A good essay format comprises of:

The different stages of a good essay are:

1. Planning

2. Writing

3. Proofreading