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Write an essay on the following passage (3.1.80-135) from a midsummer night’s dream.
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 TMA 01 – AA306  Write an essay on the following passage (3.1
‘many post-world war ii writers were concerned with making sense of a rapidly changing world’. compare and contrast ways in which your chosen writers present a changing world.
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Within the three texts, Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh, Look back in Anger by John Osborne and  The  Whitsun  Weddings  by  Phillip  Larkin,  each  writer  explores  the  concept  of a ‘changing world’. However, this presentation of post-war Britain is dramatically different in each work
Wilfred owen’s anthem for doomed youth and siegfried sassoon’s attack
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 Explore the ways in which Sassoon’s and Owen’s words convey powerful feelings about the First World War in these two poems.  Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon are seen as the two greatest British First World War poets
Gcse course work english literature- war poetry
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During the First World War many poets published their poems to encourage people to enlist in the army. Special spaces were left in newspapers for recruiting poems, for writers such as Jessie Pope
Which character do you have the most sympathy for: alec or angel?
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 Alec and Angel are the principle male characters in Tess Of The D’Urbervillles, who have a direct impact on the destiny and ultimate tragedy of the heroine Tess. Hardy skilfully creates two complex and contrasting characters whose relationships with Tess evolve and mature in distinctive ways
What methods does browning use to tell the poem fra lippo lippi line 1-39?
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Fra Lippo Lippi was written by Robert Browning in 1855. It is about a monk who called Lippi
War poetry comparision the drum & dulce et decorum est.
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English Coursework  The Drum & Dulce et Decorum est  War poetry is written either by those who want to promote war as a glamorous adventure or by those who want to depict war as a painful experience causing horror and despair to those involved. Poetry was used in some newspapers during World War one as a means of recruitment for soldiers
Walker’s presentation of sofia and harpo
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Alice walker uses a variety of techniques to present the characters of Sofia and Harpo during page 60 of ‘The Color Purple’. I will be exploring a number of lexical, grammatical and phonological choices, as well as other techniques, in the order they appear in the letter and will be discussing how these can lead to the development of attitudes and values
Villain or victim? is macbeth a victim of external circumstances or a man solely driven by evil?
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Macbeth is the most widely translated Shakespeare play for good reason. The legend of Macbeth is a timeless tragedy, the hero succumbing to his fatal flaw
To what extent is language central to the understanding of othello and macbeth
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A Critichas observed that, ‘Thenature and the extent of the tragic falls of Othello and Macbethare reflected in the words they use and those which are used about them.’ To what extent do you consider language to be central to the understanding of both p lays?  Throughout both plays we judge characters through the language they use and the language used to describe them