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William hague’sreforms
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Fresh Future William Hague introduced “The Fresh Future” plan on the 16 th of February 1998 in an effort to revitalise his own,  and his parties, public image.  The plan mirrored that of  the Conservative party conference earlier that y ear
Why is it sometimes difficult to distinguish between pressure groups and political parties?
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One reason that it may be difficult to distinguish between a pressure group and a political party is because members of both parties and pressure groups can stand in elections. One example of this is when a doctor stood against the closure of his hospital and won the seat for one term and stood as an independent
Why did lloyd george fall from power in 1922?
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On the 19 October 1922, a two-to-one majority of Conservative members of Parliament, voted that the Conservatives where to resign their support of Lloyd George and fight as an independent party, this lead to the resignation of Lloyd George. However, this last straw with other factor such as Chanak, the honours scandal, and the Ireland situation also played a big part in his  downfall
Why is the us presidential election such a long process (15m)
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The process of electing a president of the United States is certainly a long one. The formal process takes nearly a year but in reality starts before it?s even begun
Why are some pressure groups more successful than others?
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A pressure group is an organisation that may be formal or informal whose purpose is to further the interests of a specific section of society or to promote a certain cause; there are many reasons why a pressure group would want to do this too. There are various degrees of success with pressure groups, ranging from amending or passing Acts of Parliament to gaining public support
To what extent is the uk democratic?
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A democratic country aims to have an accountable government that serve the best interests of the people it is governing. The UK is a liberal democracy which ensures that citizens should be able to influence governmental decisions made
To what extent is there a democratic deficit in the uk
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To what extent is there a democratic deficit in the  UK  The democratic deficit states that there is a lack of democracy in the UK and the opinions of citizens has less power than before. Some may see that there has been a huge decline in democratic deficit, the developmental perspective would argue that this is a bad thing because for democracy to be sustainable it needs to engage citizens on an active basis this expresses citizenship and values informed and tolerant exchange between people
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The belief that governments should be committed to reforms that make people feel part of the  nation is a defining feature of one nation conservatism. The various factions of the ideology consist of differing degrees of one nation principles; in one nation Conservatism, this is the defining principle, in traditional Conservatism it is a minor consideration, whilst the New Right holds views that are against this belief
Towhatextenthasthe uk political system become more democratic in recent years
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In recent times the in the UK we have seen the more frequent use of referendums. These are votes where the electorate votes on a specific issue such as devolution
To what extent has the european union been successful in establishing a coh
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Introduction European identity, meaning unification or integration of Europe, is easily described as European residents have the ideas where they really belong to, Europe or just German, France or others. Nowadays, when Europe is talked about, people involuntarily associate it with the European Union